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Some of the feedback received from the birdwatchers who purchased our eBooks


​Ted and Alex’s comprehensive guidebook is not only an absolute must for birdwatchers but also a useful aid to any nature-minded recreational traveller through NSW and ACT.

Ania and Janusz Sielewicz, Brisbane, QLD, Australia


Writing 500+ pages is not a small task. Great pictures! I will read the relevant sections when we I go for drives around NSW.


Sudhi Payyappat, Sydney, NSW, Australia


​Such a huge effort! The NSW-ACT guidebook is expertly written, with maps, references and orderly organised site entries. And the photographs – these are simply amazing! I am waiting impatiently for your next book!

Ewa Kruglik, Gdansk, Poland


​Looks like a lot of work went into your first book. Congratulations. There isn't really much like that available for the NSW birders.

Bec Plunkett, Sydney, NSW, Australia


​I stumbled onto the Australian Good Birding webpage when I was researching my birdwatching trip to Australia. I am really glad I found you Guys, as your NSW Guide was a a real lifesaver! With this book I was able to get without a hassle to all the places I wanted to visit plus some juicy ones I had no idea they existed!

I am looking forward to your next Guide for my next trip to Australia.

Pete Sullivan, Manchester, UK


I had a first look at your NSW book - very comprehensive. Next time I am in Sydney I must go on a pelagic trip.​

Margaret Worthington, Gladstone, QLD, Australia


I was impressed to see how extensive, comprehensive and well organised the NSW guidebook is. It should become an excellent reference for anyone interested in going beyond the commonly known locations.​

Chris Freel, Sydney, NSW, Australia


The NSW Guide's review in Birding NSW Newsletter, August 2017: "This book should be an essential reference on the shelves of organisations such as libraries, tourist centres, travel agents, hotels and motels, council customer centres and museums”.​

Ian Bailey, Sydney, NSW, Australia

For the full book review click here


I purchased your Victoria and NSW-ACT a while ago. Fantastic work, keep going, all this stuff hopefully will be great also for our kids and grandkids.

After being happy with the first two Guides, I’ve just brought your online guide to the bird sites in Tasmania. Again both Ted and yourself have produced a fantastic guide. I never had this type of guide when I did the overland track before. 

Phillip O'Connor, Sydney, NSW, Australia


Yesterday I bought epub versions of all your four books... really love them! You really made me hungry for QLD book #2!

Richard Maarschall, Ocean View, QLD, Australia


I love all your books. I have 4 out of 5 that are out. Thanks so much for making these books! They are so AMAZING! (I'm only 14, and love looking through them and imagining seeing all the birds). I'm trying to collect them all, so that no matter where I go, I have one of your guides to learn where to bird!

Bindi Hillen, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia


When will the South Australian edition be available? I look forward to being able to buy it for My Sister!

She has tried many books for following birds & your Victorian Birding Guide has stood out in the crowd!

Kris Pate, Mildura, Victoria, Australia

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