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The Australian Good Birding Guide book series is intended for both Australian and overseas birders. We hope it will become an essential field companion to a birding enthusiast. In today’s time-poor society, the ability to maximise your bird finds in an unfamiliar area in a typically short vacation time available, could be a serious help.

Our work covers not only the established, well-known locations but also interesting places known only to a few or even first discovered by ourselves. These sites will not be found in other publications. Detailed access information is provided, especially for locations that are difficult to find. Most data is based on personal records, cross-checked and augmented with the verified sightings reported online. The style is a mixture of a travel guide and a blog to avoid the boredom of a ‘site name-birds to find’ dry list.

All our books are available in a paperback format (from this site - see the SHOP tab for details of book contents) and as ePub files (from the major distributors in Australia and also internationally - see the SHOP tab for links).

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